Libi Mobile Portal

Libi is the first Libyan wap portal site intentended to provide as much information as possible for the mobile user on the go such as currency rates, prayer times and weather forecasts ( currently in Arabic only ).
The site also provides many phone numbers for hospitals, hotels banks and oil companies as well as airliners and foreign embassies.
Telephone codes for most Libyan and Arab cities are also available along with the international dialing codes.
Time tables for flight to and from major Libyan cities are summarized in several sections.
In the site you will find several advertisment sections for selling or buying or renting houses, cars and other goods as well as services. All of these are subdivided in several categories. On the light side some translated Libyan jokes and translated Libyan proverbs are included to give the expatriats living in Libya a glimps of Libyan culture
Cultural events also have seperate sections.
We invite you to explore the site just to know where all the bits are located to save you time when you need it in a hurry.
Most of the information in this site require regular updating and this is where your feedback is required.
If you see a wrong phone number for your embassy or national airliner please let us know.

A heap of information at your fingertips